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Aitus Residential is a locally based, privately owned property management company with a difference. The company has a proven track record of over 15 years managing property for it’s directors. This relationship between investors and managers has seen continued growth for the company.


This combination of investor and management company means that Aitus Residential has a unique perspective on what landlords expect from a managing agent, and how tenants expect to be treated by their lettings agent. We understand that landlords invest in property for a solid consistent return and that planning their expenses and their returns on investment are key. We can not only help with this by charging a single consistent monthly fee, but also by giving advice on all things property investment.

Equally we have seen hudreds of tenants pass through our properties and we have many houses that have had the same tenants fot over 7 years. This is because we take the time to understand what the tanant wants and we try to match them with the right property. Then once they are in the property we will not charge them any fees for our services. This means we help our tenants enjoy long and relaxed tenancies with as little cost and interference as we can. If you are looking for a property to rent or considering getting a managing agent for your property then please get in touch.

For Landlords Aitus Residential was formed and is still run by a landlord. This means that the whole company has been set up to support the aims of property investors, through the direct experience of our directors. They have grown their portfolio to over 130 tenancies and they were only able to do this thanks to the support and efficiency of Aitus Residential. Read more
For Tenants As a landlord as well as a property management company we understand how important it is to fit the right tenants to the right property. This means that we will give you honest advice and support to help you find a property that suits you perfectly. Read more